Saturday, March 31, 2007

Meet the Robinsons

So I went to watch "Meet the Robinsons" yesterday--it was amazing. Disney really made a fantastic leap between the work in Chicken Little, and that in Meet the Robinsons. The film was heartwarming and the characters (not to mention their designs), were charming. I super recommend this film, yeah.

And right before "Meet the Robinsons", there was a Ratatouille trailer! Hey, I've been anticipating that film for awhile, but now July can't come soon enough! It looks beeeautiful, and has a feel/look unlike anything I've seen from Pixar before (though, the look kind-of reminded me of One Man Band, oddly enough). Who wants to go watch it with me?

Plus this freaky thing:


  1. Hi Sam, thanks for coming by my blog! Glad you like it ;)
    Your drawings look very cool, much better than what I was doing at 15...haha...and it's great that you're doing figure drawing too. Keep that up as much as you can. I love figure drawing and do it as much as possible. I actually discovered your drawings online a few months ago, I can't remember how, but they were all very good. Hope you get to go to CSSSA, either this year or next. You'll have a BLAST.

  2. Well, thanks very much, Amelia! I'm glad to know that you think my drawings are good/cool. :D
    Actually, I didn't apply to CSSSA this year--I'm applying next year. There was a complication with some summer course that I have to take for my school next year, and the whole thing ended in no application.