Monday, April 30, 2007


Soo I went to the doctor's office today. Actually, my story begins three weeks ago, on the day that Fragments by Enrico Casarosa and Ronnie Del Carmen arrived in the mail. I was out taking my dog for a walk, and as I returned to my home, I realized that my cat was lying on the floor, gnawing on a bird. In panic, I rushed over and shooed her away, then bent down to make sure that the bird was alive. It was! So I rushed inside, put on some gloves, brought my father out, and together we brought the crumpled pidgeon in and placed it in a box. We checked the bird for wounds and found a few puncture wounds, but were unable to do anything about those. So, while my father prepared some food for the bird, I took it and placed it in my bed room. BAD IDEA. The bird suddently regained it's stamina and flew out of the box. Where'd it land? On my pillow! It then decided that it needed to go, and made a mess all over the pillow, and my hand that was reaching over to grab it. My ungloved hand.
Well, anyways, I scrubbed and we fed the bird and let it free (however, I found it the next day, dead on my basketball court).
After we released the bird, I freaked out. The concept of a desease-carrier finally sunk in, and I ran about scrubbing everything. After I was done with my bed room, I hopped into the shower and scrubbed myself 'till I was bright red. Still, being the paranoid little odd-ball that I am, I decided to go for a doctor's appointment, three weeks after the fact.
Hey! What can I say? Two weeks after the bird was snuggled up on my bed, I got a sore throat--and a head ache. I was worried that I'd caught something.
(My friends, of course, couldn't stop laughing at what they believed was an irrational fear,
but they weren't the ones with the half-dead bird).
So that was my facinating adventure for this month.

Gahahaha, don't tell me. I'm silly. Or do, please. The sore throat turned out to be nothing more than a viral infection, a small one, and the head ache was due to excessive loss of sleep. Still.

(I must've told that story to about six people by now, hah)

And I started attending a new figure drawing studio, on Sundays. This one is quite different than my current Saturday one, though. First off, for the first half-session it was only the owner of the studio and I sitting and drawing away. It was a very personal enviorment, and it did not contain as much structure as I was used to, but that's okay. Plus, the surprise of never knowing how long the poses were until the owner asked me if it was okay to have the pose changed provided a new challenge and also made the whole thing far more relaxing, ahh.

The drawing of the sleepy girl is a cartoon self portrait, hah. I was so tired on Sunday (including during figure drawing--I almost fell asleep). My friend called me at 4:30 in the morning because she was alone at La Salle, and felt rather lonely, so I stayed up to talk to her until her friend arrived.

A total coffee-house-type girl gesture sketch (that is, in reality, from a class at school).

And one more figure drawing, for good measure. I couldn't decide whether or not to place it as a link or as an image, so it goes as a link:


  1. Hey Sam!

    This is Jen(fiddlinartist on animatedbuzz). Thank you sooo much for the kind words. =) Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, busy with work and school. Couple more weeks and I'll be a little free-er with my time.

    Also, you're very welcome. I'm always happy to share any of my experiences with other artists(or future animators). I've always found it extremely inspiring to look at others' artwork so thought I'd do the same. Thanks again for the kind words.

    Oh I have several ideas bouncing around in my head, but nothing is TOO final. ;)

    I have several favorite moments from the accepted student event, though I'd have to say wandering the character animation department and talking with current students was the most fun.

    Thanks again for the comment(I known I've already said this like a million times. ;)) And hey, good luck with your artistic pursuits! From your blog it looks like you're just as passionate about animation. =)