Saturday, April 7, 2007

The above drawing is me messing around. I know it's bad...but, hey, putting it up anyways.
A few scans from my sketch book. I do all sorts of junk in there and sometimes play around with acrylics, as you can see on the left and right. Those were actually my first shots at the medium. Disregard that the black fellow's eyes are totally uneven. The pink girl's face is uneven--look closely at the two halves. I just can't figure out which one looks better, so I've changed neither!

THIS GREY DUDE'S EYES, the one ON THE LEFT, ARE SO UNEVEN!'s so WEIRD (kinda like the pink chick's lips).

As of late I've been putting some thought into a story about a schizophrenic girl whose hallucinations help her development along. She's confused, though--first she thinks they're pushing her towards a guy (co worker--and at the beginning she has no clue she's schizophrenic; she thinks the people she's talking to are real, in a backwards sort of way, like they're her own personal guardian angels or something). The fellow she meets (the one she believes Ixa is telling her about, which he's really trying to tell her something about herself), helps her later as her hallucinations begin dissapearing and pulls her development and healing the rest of the way through.

The girl, Sibyl, is supposed to be existing in everyday life. She's just struggling with inner demons--that's where Ixa (at first she believes Ixa is like her own guardian angel--or warden), Chemis and Cal come in, they're trying to move her past that, and then she has to move past THEM.

The hallucinations, they're trying to fix her, it's weird. It has to do with her past, and this is where I've been trying to develop the idea further. From what I get, she DID something that she's blocked out, but in order for her to further develop, she has to come to terms with herself, and what that action made her. That's what Ixa is there for (he's like, a main concience). Chemis (reason-representing the left side of the brain) and Cal (creativity-representing the right side of the brain) help.

I'm still grabbing at loads of small details, but I kind-of get the centeral themes as hope and recovery. And that sometimes your strongest help can come from within if you're willing to listen.

I'm kinda worried about the idea, because in reality her hallucinations are helping her develop as a character, before the other fellow comes into play. That's like someone developing themself.

And the lady who owns the figure drawing studio that I attend asked me if I'd be intresting in organizing a student figure drawing workshop for Monday and Tuesday nights. I said yes as if the world were ending tomorrow.


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