Sunday, April 15, 2007

Life Draws

A few life drawings and sketchbook peices just to occupy some space, ja?

A few minute long pose off to the left. I'm afraid I made her leg terribly small.

Down below are two five minute poses, or were they tens? Whatever. Lotsa mistake, but as is the norm...

Over to the right, two drawings of a two different girls from school. The one on the right is a girl from my math class, and the one of the left is a sketch of what was a rather perplexed looking girl that kept on pacing back and forth outside of the school.
And right below we have a few sketchbook scribbles, a girl sprawled down on the floor, I suppose, and me trying to figure out how the human back works.

Right here, on the right, I have a nice sketch of my during my math class. I admit, I like math, however sometimes the lesson is so simple that I totally zone out. In those cases, that is a rather accurate replication of my expression, hah.

Again, a few doodles from my various classes on the right, both from my math class, hah.


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