Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Quick Painting

Off to the right you can see one of my latest endeavors into Photoshop land, done this morning. See, all of the computer labs are PS-enabled in my school, so, while I was hanging out in one of them I whipped out a file of a drawing that I'd done about half a year ago. Since it's so old, the drawing is terrible, and therefore I left it out, but parts of the painting are off anyways. Click it to view it bigger--I think. Does it work?
I should have cleaned this thing up a bit more. Now you see that JUNK up there near his left armpit, right beside his raised arm...that looks like flesh. It shouldn't be there....but it is.

I very much desire a tablet--that would be very awesome. However, I enjoy using a mouse: it doesn't allow for as much exactness and control. There is some surprise when you step back and see what your mouse has spat out after using some broad brush. Also, it's relaxing to use a mouse: since there is not as much control, you relax and are not as worried about the result...or at least I am. And really, that state is the one from which the best work springs...
I didn't get to finish...I think I've only spent about half an hour on this thing? I hope to get back to it soon and put in hands and fix anatomy etc. etc.
I have a few drawings that I'd love to show you all, but now I gotta run--HOMEWORK! Lots of it, too, hah. And I gotta clean my room, shhhhss...

Here's the sketch.


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