Sunday, April 22, 2007


WELL! Okay...a few drawings. Let's hope the formatting works, hah. To be entirely sincere, I've been being so lazy lately. Just, you know those moods like...meh, don't wanna do anything. But s'all good! All that's needed is a good night's rest and a few dozen cookies, and I'm all set. Hyper, yes, but set all the same :D

Anyways...a few figure drawings, yes! This week was rather uneventful in the way of me getting any good drawings, but I think that I got--in the leftmost drawing--a good idea of the model's body type, although I made her left arm appear really thick. She is really slender and stunningly beautiful, you know, like one of those absurdly pretty magazine models--except ours was real. The rightmost drawing is just a gesture of one of the really interesting poses she put us through. The drawing itself doesn't have many merits, but I think I caught some of her energy, you know? And I like how her left arm is stretched and connects to her body.

On the left there is a drawing that I was trying to put together on a school homework assignment. There is something about it that I really did like (I think it's her body), so I decided to put it up. She's a rapping...break dancing...person.

Attached is also a scan of my precious Chemistry text. This book really does go everywhere with me, and I've nearly read the entire thing from cover to cover. At the beginning of the year, I spilled two bottles of ink on it, so I'm being forced to pay for it...heh. At least I get to keep it, right? So I took the liberty of painting two cute little yellow hearts on the cover...'cept one fell off. I think that's a sign. Chemistry is trying to tell me something.

Oh, yeah, and check this out: Luxo Jr. I finally found the whole thing online. You've probably seen the short before...but it's still super cute.

This, my friends, is the Electron. Sorry for the link: I think I have too many pictures up as it is.And off to the right there is a bit of a recent project that I've been fiddling around with: designing subatomic particles. That's an idea for an electron, although the electron shown has a rather large head, ha-ha (to be honest, I was trying to go for a cartoonier style than I usually use to depict the jittery, energetic and mischevious personality I imagine electrons to have). At school I had much better ones, but they had been drawn on my math I had to turn them in. The ones on the back of my math homework depicted muons, which are particles who lead rather tragic lives lasting for only 2 millionths of a second before decaying into a flurry of electrons and neutrinos.
I'll likely take the sketch down in the morning, but for now--there you go!


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