Friday, May 4, 2007

Random sketches

So I was doing homework the other night, as can be seen above. It was done with an nib pen and Prismacolour markers! Yay for new medias!
Off to the right, there's a sketch page where I was trying to figure out a few poses. I wasn't focusing on the faces, only the poses, so there is a bit, so to speak, in the facial area.
The drawings were actually done on the back of an interview with the late Joe Ranft during one of my classes :D So that's probably why I like them!
This link leads to an enlarged thumbnail of Ixa making a weird face and absolutly having a big head. He's actually telling Sibyl off in this weird scene that I had banging around in my head where he walks into the house the day that Sibyl is fired from work, slams the door behind himself and locks the door. When he turns around, he finds Sibyl curled up on the floor eating ice cream from a large container. The only words he can manage are, "What the hell are you doing?" (pardon the profanity, please). Sibyl just glares up at him and curtly replies, "Eating."
Or, at least, that's the simplified and weird version. It elaborates from that point on, but that's just the anticipation for a larger scene...
(Aw gosh, this writing makes the idea sound worse than I thought! Oh, well, revision time!)


  1. Sam

    In case you forget this piece of information.

    Try making a little story for every figure drawing pose that you do.

    Include foreground and background elements if you need it or want to. To help describe body forms faster, try using lights and dark.

    Your structure is there. So just keep movin' forward to the next level!