Sunday, May 20, 2007

Space Filler

Oh, wow, my sophomore year is coming to a close--I can hardly believe it. I mean, it feels like it just started yesterday. A whole new school year is about to begin, in a new enviorment--a brand new school! ...oh, yeah, and summer classes.

I don't mind the changes...I kind-of look foward to my new school. My junior year also means that I hopefully get to apply for CSSSA, however, junior year will bring with it the thought that CalArts application time is right around the corner--yikes.

Aside from my random space-filler, I'm actually annoyingly sick at the moment. I mean, gosh...I hope I don't have to start finals with this fever and sore throat/headache/cough thing going on, hahaha.

It's difficult to loosen up during figure drawing, as I've recently begun seeing. The stiff pose above attests to that...but I'm getting better, I think/hope.

And the yellow-tinted fellow below is from I'm drawing a bunch of things as people and he's one of those :)

Oh! A bunch of these drawings are in pen because, when I started my new sketchbook, I promised myself that I would draw in it only with pen. In retrospect, I can't understand why I did that since I don't really like drawing in pen very much, however, in the two weeks that I've been doing so, it's helped me detach myself from the drawings that I work on. Since I know that I'll make mistakes and not be able to fix them or erase them, I worry less about making mistakes and just draw. It's kind-of great :)


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