Thursday, June 14, 2007


A doodle that I did while taking an oral examination yesterday, inspired by something a friend of mine wrote. There are other things that I want to draw from that story, 'cause it inspired some fantastic images in my head...but we'll see.

In addition, off to the right you can see a newer expirement. I've been trying to create the feel of traditional media in Photoshop, but have been having maaaajor trouble! So...I tried creating this brush that looks like a regular ink just ended up looking like a regular photoshop brush, as you can see.

And down below are some teenage girl heads. They were going to be a part of a short comic strip...but I have homework, so I didn't finish. Maybe I will once I'm done.

Custom brush produced the bottom image. I suppose that's the closest I've come to creating pastels, although her arm is too--WAY too--long. The colours kind-of clash, too, but I don't know anything about colours, so perhaps I can be forgiven XD


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