Monday, July 16, 2007

Back from Ichinu...howeveryouspellit

SO! I went RAFTING this weekend. It was pretty great. Basically, Jesse, my mom, a friend of mine, and I all packed into our cars and drove up to High Springs (about two hours past Orlando), to go tubing on a river called Ichinu...I seriously do not know how to spell it. It was a six-hour long drive from Miami, so I drew and painted a lot in the car drive up (those last two drawings were done on Jesse's Wacom and laptop while in the car), but the drive was SO worth it! While we were up there, we stayed in a little house that was near the river. We were stuck in the middle of a forest--one of the most beautiful sights I've seen in awhile (the area wasn't very populated). I have some pictures to show you all!

All of us, sitting together outside of our house! I'm the girl in the brown :)
The water was really, really cold. REALLY REALLY COLD.

While we were all tubing down the river for the second time, Jesse got all ADVENTUROUS and jumped off his float. I, being the moron I am, quickly followed. THE WATER WAS COLD, but worse yet, the current was strong--it swept me right off of my feet! Jesse had to grab me and pull me back.
While we were trekking though the river (we were walking through for about 45 minutes), it started to POUR! I don't know if heavy rains do anything to agitate the current, but as we were passing though a bend in the river where a fallen tree log was situated, I tripped and fell forward. After "catching" my footing, the current swept me up and made to smash me into the log. Jesse beat it to me, though, grabbing me and swinging me around so that instead of me smashing into the tree, he did. The current swept him under, and I had to grab him by his arms and pull him back up. I ended up scraping all of my shins and twisting my ankle on a rock that was jutting up under the water.
All the while that we were walking, I was holding onto Jesse like there was no tomorrow, being as unsure of my footing as I was on the uneven and hole-ridden ground. Near the end, however, he LEFT ME BEHIND to go run after one of the floats. I was left to manage through the last twenty feet of tangled seaweed, rock and nothingness (HOOOLES), on my own. ...I slipped about three or four times, and the river was deep, too! In the time that it took me to stumble twenty feet, Jesse had effortlessly swam fourty, caught the float, and was already on his way upstream to the spot where we were all climbing out of the river (the spot was a bunch of flat rocks on the bank).
All in all, however, I've never had more fun involving a river before XD...well, maybe that white-water experience may compare, but I don't think so.


  1. Your river adventures sound like quite the weekend excursion! Keep up the cool paintings!