Thursday, September 27, 2007


Here are some subatomic particles for your fancy! I've always imagined that electrons might be like super-hyper, annoying people, acting as the atom's janitorial sustems, scrubbing orbital boundaries clean...with protons as the atom's "club bouncers" of sorts, working to keep the electrons outta the nucleus (however, somthing more to the effect of "get offa my lawn, you stupid kids!"), and neutrons being kind-of like...helpless, tiny, and blind...landowners. They have no charge ...I'm such an irrepressible neerrd...

A few sketches from history, with a brushpen. Very simple stuff, but quite fun.
A sketch from my english class, pertaining to the dissected essay--"The Female Body," by Margaret Atwood. Satire. Gotta love it.


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