Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Northward Ho!

Jesse and I returned from North Carolina some time ago! However, Jesse left on Monday night...and nearly missed his plane! *drat, so close*
BUT! I had fun in North Carolina--so did he! It was relatively cold, and we did some hiking and rock-climbing and such. He's a sweetheart; he can go ten times faster at everything than I can, but he always waits for me and helps me out....never annoyed, too.
We went to an arcade while we were there, too, and played some INITAL D! Racing, woo--I drove my dream RX-7 (third generation) Jesse was stubborn and insisted upon a he lost. Twice. But--oh well!--it was super fun anyway.
And our cabin had a fireplace. Rock.
I wish I could show you the photos from the trip, but I DON'T HAVE THEM with me...I should be able to snag them in a few days, though, which will be when I upload them and write a TRUE synopsis of our trip and everything that occured throughout.
All of these drawings are from life :) Only one was kinda not, and that's the third one up, which has a fictitious head.
...I do, however, have loads of drawings from the trip which I shall now upload. Huzzah!
A sketch of a dude who was in the library that I tried to paint...first time in awhile!


  1. Great! Keep up the drawings from life! I know I don't even need to tell you that, hah. But yeah, these look great, and i like that brown paper you were using.