Saturday, March 1, 2008

CSSSA Portfolio :)

Unique about Me:Interests (and rough image + statement):

"On the first day of January, 2008, a fresh year began in Las Vegas, Nevada. The morning which heralded this day was cool and crisp; the sky clear, blue and bright. As mornings do, this one began slowly while my comrades struggled out of bed and into gear suitable to face the day. We climbed into our separate cars—Jesse, my mother, and I in one, his parents and sister in another—and set out for Red Canyon.

It was stunning.

As our parents mingled at the base of the canyon, Jesse and I took the initiative to attempt a climb up its side. We originally were not planning on reaching the summit of the thousand-plus-foot mini-mountain and set out simply to enjoy a short climb before being called back to our cars. However, as we struggled through cracks and crevices, between bulbous boulders and up steep, crumbling faces, we failed to realize the passage of time and the sun’s slow crawl toward the horizon.

We did not, however, fail to realize everything else. While mostly barren—a desert—the landscape pulsed with the subtle signs of stunning life. Every so-often Jesse and I would pause to admire large, gourd-shaped cacti sporting brilliant red flowers, or burrows dug out by wild dogs. We were awed by the enormity of the canyon as we climbed, and stunned by what we saw.

However, nothing of what we saw compared to the view from the canyon summit. From the top of the enormous wonder we were able to observe everything that surrounded us, even the tiny city from which we’d come in the distance. We could see the bluish-greens of the valley, the deep blues of far-off mountains, and the brilliant expanse of sapphire-colored sky. We were able to observe what we’d just climbed, and it left us in silence. Even as we watched the sun—a perfectly white sphere that day—approach the horizon as it counted down our last moments of daylight, we did not wish to move.

Finally, the reality of possibly being trapped atop the canyon at nightfall stirred us from our staring and we began to descend. The day, however, had certainly highlighted my interests, and the mountain had served to exemplify and reinforce them.

The beauty, adventure, and awesome strength visible in nature are what inspire me most. It is seeing the pink cotton-candy clouds streaking across an orange sunset, the huge ocean waves breaking against the coast, and the tall oaks towering twenty times my height cloaked in deep green leaves and brilliant golden sunlight which strike me hardest and floor me. I am reminded of how truly small I am standing in the midst of such majestic creation—and it is that feeling which inspired this piece. In a small way, this is what I wish my artwork to do: to point to those aspects of creation which stun me in such a way and point most to their Creator."

Technical (plus one of the early considerations):

I also turned in a 55-frame animation very similar to the one I posted back in August, except this one was done by hand :)

NOW IT IS DONE BECAUSE I FINISHED IT AND TURNED IT IN YESTERDAY AT 5:45 PM AND GOT IT POSTMARKED AND WOW! I'M DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE!!! Except now I have nothing to do until I hear back from them...except school work...bleh.

I celebrated the finishing of my portfolio by going to the Sadie Hawkins dance with Lynn and Mikey (Luis couldn't go!). And I got a haircut :D Now my hair is about two inches long. I should post a picture! Eventually!


  1. YAAAY! Congrats. I'm looking forward to hearing about your experiences at CSSSA this year. For sure you're getting in.
    And the canyon piece is looking so great! Color makes it.