Thursday, March 27, 2008


DRAWINGS. Well, sketches. The top would be good 'ol Pilate from Song of Solomon flaunting her singin' stuff while making some good Prohibition moonshine, yeah! Song of Solomon is the book we're currently reading in my AP Lit class. It's pretty cool sometimes; other times it's just...really not. For many reasons, with which most of SAS would agree. But there was the one scene at the end of the first chapter which really stuck in my head of the three Dead ladies ('Dead' is their surname, if you can believe it), sitting around in a kitchen hanging out and singing. Pilate Dead is stirring some illegal wine while R-something (grah, I forget the girl's name) is sitting and cutting her nails with a penknife (which I drew! I just didn't post it), and First Corinthians is doing whatever she was doing--and they're all belting out some hypnotic melody. Anyway, it was just a really great image the way it was written.

The second image is from The Alchemist. This is the scene where Santiago meets Fatima for the first time, and the Englishman is pressuring Santiago--go talk to her! The drawing didn't come out as planned, and I want to do plenty more from that book, but this was the first image I drew after I realized--in a brilliant flash of inspiration--THAT I COULD ACTUALLY DRAW SCENES FROM BOOKS IF I WANTED TO! Oh man. I want to draw SO many scenes from books...
And below is the crop of the image :D ENJOY! :D