Thursday, March 27, 2008

*knock knock*

WOAH! I'm actually doing this updating thing more often now. I really don't mind much; I like updating, actually. But, hey! Tomorrow begins my psudeo-break. The reason it's 'fake' is because it's only high school--I still have to go to my college classes during the morning (so it's like half days all week, except for when I have a NIGHT CLASS AND THIS IS THE LAST TIME I EVER TAKE ONE AHH!).
But I do have my work cut out for me this week! I'm actually looking forward to it. Also, there's going to be plenty of fun: my friends and I are planning on going biking through the Everglades one day...and...other stuff...It'll be fun.
And tomorrow, after class, I have a thing at one of my friends houses (MICHAEL!) know those things where people hang out and just...are there? Yeah, one of those :) Afterward--Sunset Place! And THEN my spring break has officially begun.

Artwise, there's this art exhibition coming up at the college, and I want to try submitting some peices, which should be mega-super-cool. I've never actually participated in an art exhibition, so I hope my peices are accepted. And, hey, you know...maybe winning one of the places...I wouldn't mind some pocket money (kidding!).

I'm actually going to post another post RIGHT NOW with some non-life drawing stuff (all the peices in this post are). Crazy fun :) :) :) And this blog's ONE YEAR anniversary is on the 31st of March! Woah, has the time flown; I can feel the nostalgia now....

Oh--I still haven't heard from CSSSA, if you were wondering. Wish me luck!


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