Friday, March 21, 2008

Scribbling Haplessly

I have developed a recent interest in SCRIBBLING. Like. Just scrawling all over the page while attempting to capture an idea. It's really, really fun! I just pull out a pen and start running miles. But they're messy, and usually not accurate at all. Up above are some of the better ones from tonight, inspired deeply by the song Tu Pequeno Mundo. Which is so awsome, I just want to jump up and start doing me some crazy dances while listening in.

And clapping. Lotsa clapping.

Listen in on the fun hear (HAH PUN).


  1. These look fantastic! Great idea, to just scribble like crazy.
    AND I CAN'T WAIIIT for My Little World! I've been watching this trailer for what feels like years. AND what's crazier, is that Mike Nguyen (he came up with it) will be my animation teacher this year... O_O