Friday, April 11, 2008

Ink Spill

We did something incredibly cool in figure drawing the other day! What our assignment was is that we had to draw oulines--bare outlines with nothing inside them--of the model. We weren't allowed to elaborate on the inside of the figure--not even in pencil as an undersketch. And it was soooo much fun! Oh man. Up above are two examples of the stuff we did. The first one was 40 minutes--20 for drawing, and 20 for filling in the black! Hah. The second one is a page of four 5-minute drawings.
I'm actually trying to update regularly now, kind-of at least. It used to be easier to do, but now I'm so packed! College finals at the end of April, APs at the beginning of May, and highschool finals and the end of May (and the first few days of June). Plus, millions of projects. Busy busy busy! But I'm looking forward to summer. It's so close, just a lot is in it's way!!

And I still haven't heard back from CSSSA.
Aaand, the above drawing is from Pre-Cal. This is what I look like--or would like to look like--in that class. Usually I sit up straight...not going to be rude or anything...


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