Saturday, May 31, 2008

Guess who was first on the LIST

I decided to try figure drawing using some oil pastels :)
I was trying to figure out what it would be like if Gina were a fire-dancer type of thing. It would present an interesting contrast to her personality and 'disorder' :)
Gina, with Ixa on our left and Keith on our right. More fire-dancing.
A strangely outgoing Gina with Keith, a year or two later.

I WAS ACCEPTED INTO CSSSA!!! My mom e-mailed them on Wenesday, asking if I'd finally been rejected (I had been on their waitlist), and here's what they replied:
"Wow! This is so coincidental, we just figured out that we needed to pull one student from the Animation waitlist and guess who was first on the list? Cristina! I was just about to call you."
It is possible to say that I'm very psyched. SUPER PSYCHED. We paid the deposit and we're leaving on the 11th, if everything goes according to plan!
We even got this adorable packet in the mail with the student handbook (read it twice), and a bunch of cute forms which are just making me EVEN MORE EXCITED.
I am, however, going to miss my friends and family (friends, you know who you are *winks at YG, SAS and GBS people*

Oh, and there are only 4 days left of my Junior year :/ There's this deja vu feeling going on, since I distinctly remember writing about how my sophomore year was ending LAST year. Gosh. And now I'm going to be a senior :) At least I already chose my classes for the first semester of my senior year!
And then...and next semester...CalArts portfolio preparation time *gasp* Ahh!

A cute couple from on the bus to FIU on Tuesday.


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