Monday, June 23, 2008

I Don't Need Coffee

I've decided I'm going to start limiting the drawings I post up here to those which tell a story, and to those which are done from life (except for that bike up there, which was from a photo-- While I'm sorely tempted to put up all of the best drawings I do, that's not the point I think. I'm trying to break out of this mindset I've gotten into that is obsessed with the quality of my drawings, instead of with the subject and conveying it honestly...which could be a problem at CSSSA.

Other than that, my summer's been pretty slack. I don't have anything to stress about except for school work until I leave for California (17 more days), since no employer in his or her right mind would hire me knowing I'm going to be gone for five weeks. I volunteered at VBS earlier in the summer, which was fun...but I'm not much of a kid person, so I was more tired than thrilled, if I'm being honest. And summer's great too because I get to see friends I couldn't see during the school year, so my time is filling up with that, also.

In other news, I'm starting to initiate a sort of pre-CSSSA art boot-camp to prepare, heh. Only 17 more days to go, and I could use it!

(Next post will feature life drawings, but it probably won't come around for another week or so. My postings are going to be really sparse from here on out, probably more so than they've already been).


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