Thursday, July 10, 2008

'Cat' and 'CSSSA' Both Begin with a 'C'

I leave for California today! At 3.55 PM, to be exact. I'm excited out of my mind! A little apprehensions, yes...but you know, I'm more thrilled to get over there and...learn something! And draw a lot! And inspired and get a chance to work my 'creative' muscles in such an environment.
Maybe it's silly a little bit, but I bought the Art of Wall-E book to take as inspirational fodder with me on the trip....I just walked out of that film like, wow. Super inspired. Super thrilled. I got myself back to the movie theater a few times more to watch it again and it was just as amazing the second and third time around. And I can't put a finger on what exactly it was--can't say it was the designs or the characters or the music or any of those elements by themselves. But I just loved it altogether and...well, I want to look on that while I'm at CSSSA hacking away at whatever I'll be hacking away at. Looking back on that, everything that that film was--the sincerity of the story, of the characters--well, that's what I want to do, so hopefully I can learn from it...or at least be inspired some more.