Saturday, August 23, 2008


A figure drawing I happened to like. I had a photo of it :D

This was one of our earlier assignments: the creation of a 2-D puppet. I used eyelets, but I hammered them too tightly so her joints are almost entirely immovable.

The storyboards from my abstract animation. I'd like to post it, since I was actually rather fond of it, but I don't have the file :P

Well, okay, CSSSA ended a long time ago. It feels like it didn't happen, so strange. The day that I left, I took a nap in the car, and when I woke up I could have sworn that the entire thing was a dream and it was still June.
I am now back in high school, my senior year. To be honest, though, my high school is kind :) I really do look forward to school every morning and am almost bummed when I leave in the afternoon.
Unless, of course, I haven't slept the night before from doing homework. Then I just want to kill people.

In other news, I took my senior pictures today. I now have official photographic evidence that I am a senior and am in my last year of high school.

Plus plus it's time to prepare to apply to CalArts. I'm scared! But I'm going to try as hard as I can, and I've recieved so much wonderful encouragement that it almost makes me want to try harderrr!

Anyhow, this is all irrelevant. Hm. What can I say about my life that is interesting right now? Wait, wait, I want to talk more about CSSSA. Actually, I'll let my drawings talk about CSSSA. I'm about to post plenty of them: I filled up my entire CSSSA sketchbook while I was there.
Stop! You're about to enter CSSSA-drawing land. Actually, please, go ahead. This was from figure drawing one day, a very, very quick sketch since I had spent most of the pose outside, talking to Jon.

This is my roomate, Chealsea. She was also in animation. I was really sleepy and dilusional one night, so I just grabbed a pen and stood up and started...doodling. I showed it to Cheals and told her that I was gonna color it and she told me she wanted purple skin and orange hair. So right there, wish granted. :D

This is Vincent Tang (I like calling him by his full name). One morning we agreed to get up early, at 6 am, to make some cards together. I, however, slept in, assuming that he had, too. He didn't. He woke up on time and went out to the dorm lounge right on time. I got there at 7.30 am and saw him sleeping and didn't have the heart to wake him. So I sat down and drew him, instead :D

These are just sketches from the Valencia Marketplace. It was one of our assignments.

Me hugging someone. I like giving hugs. I miss giving hugs to CSSSA friends.

We went on a feild trip to Body Works and our assignment was to create a family of corpses, so this is...The Crazy Old Grandpa.

This is the Eldest Brother, Victor.

The Black Sheep of the Family, the Stepsister.

Allow me to introduce you to my second-favourite roommate, Milly. I drew her lots.
Milly again, looking nothing like herself.

Milly. Again. This one actually looks like her.

Amber and her boyfriend, Ryan! Ryan came to visit on Visitors Day. It was just too cute to pass up the opportunity to do a quick scribble of the two, even though Amber's arm came out reasonably mangled.

The two characters from my final film, MITCH and Say (sort for Sayantha).
MITCH is an acroynm for Mechanical Intelligent Temporary Cleaning Humaniod, but that's really just because I wanted him to be named MITCH. The acronym was developed afterward because of Bravo's awesomeness :D

This is Vincent Tang during crunch time. He was exhausted and fell asleep in the cafeteria the day he was supposed to shoot. :( He was so tired. I wanted to give him a hug, but that would have probably ticked him off :D

Our last visiting artist. I forgot her name, but I want to say it was Yaz, and she was made of pure awesome.

This is a drawing of Tristan, done the same day that the drawing before last was. There's no story behind this one...I just like it, for some reason.

Here's some post-CSSSA stuff. A watercolor sketch from Yosemite.

While I was in Yosemite, I walked out into the middle of a small river clutching my sketchbook in hand. I sat down on a rock in the middle of the river and sketched for awhile.
When I was done, I laid the sketchbook, along with my shoes, down on the rocks in the middle of the river and took a walk in the chilly water. It was nice :) These two sketches were done then.


  1. Awesome. Awesome awesome! I'm gonna have to brush up on my figure drawing -- I went from doing it for a full year (save three months of summer) every other day to nothing for six months!! And now I gotta go to Calarts and do it??? WHAAHhh!

  2. OMG!!!! HUGSSSSS!!!! I LOVE YOUR HUGS TOOO!!!!! XD i missed your hugs!!!! I MISS CSSSA! i still have my tattered sketchbook hahahs. I love the way you draw things ><

  3. Hurray! i made the cut (Twicee).

    and for the record, I'd probably would have been rather ticked off despite it being a hug.