Thursday, August 28, 2008

Electron Positive

Anatomy and Physiology 2 notes, from the lab. Introducing my electron.
Anatomy and Physiology 2 notes, from the lecture. Our lovely positron crashes.
US History notes. Our electron and positron have an awkward little chat. (Click on the image if you want to read what they're saying)

SO. I've been up to stuff. I want to do a new animation thing, like the one I did at CSSSA. I want to to be about this electron and this positron who fall in love, and it'll be based off of a phenomenon in nuclear physics called "Pair Production". Either that, or it'll be about this electron who likes this other electron. But you know, repulsion between like charges won't let them hook up. So the dude goes off an becomes a positron through some freak accident (CSSSA people might remember this one).
But yes. I really haven't had much time to draw. Usually, the only thing I have time to do are quick snatches like this, messy but fun and useful for getting ideas across. These usually occur during my classes...a lot of drawings during my classes. I bought this brush, originally meant to be used for water in watercolouring, and filled it with ink. It works like a charm and is quite wonderful and delicious.

Hypothetical scene in which he gets annoyed with her.
She's just stepped from the smoldering remains of a photon.
She spots him in the crowd.


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