Friday, September 12, 2008

Daily Life

To anyone who comes here really hoping to read what I think about during my day or about anything, I do apologize. I just don't have the patience for it, not at the end of a long day. I'm about to try to make up for it. I have a crazy interest in other peoples day-to-day life. It's facinating. People in San Fransisco talk about riding the BART as a part of their daily routine and I'm just like wow. That's so cool. I rode the BART once while I was in San Fran and I was giddy with excitement. And then I step back and think about it...and it's just public transportation. How mundane a thing! Yet one I'd never experienced and which was intrisically exciting simply because of that fact. I went to New York and rode the subway. It was super cool! Very strange, if you think of it out of a mind that has been familiar with these concepts its entire life. I was very excited waiting for the subway, even more excited than I was about the Statue of Liberty that I saw later that same day (that's counter-intuitive, I know). The same thing occured when I rode the public bus for the first time (and last, thus far), with my friends while I was attending South Miami Senior High my sophomore year. Gosh, I was super excited. I couldn't believe it, I thought it was awesome. (My friends thought I was a loser, but that's besides the point). There's something exciting about daily routine that we miss simply because we grow accustomed to it. Sometimes I take a step back and attempt to see a car as if I've never seen one before in my life. Come on. It's a box with four cylinders attached to it that can move by itself. That's so weird. Or school! School buildings, wow. They're beautiful. And very interesting. I guess you just got to look at it a certain way! But yes, that was all just introductory ramble. I would like to show you a tiny slice of my life. I can't show it all now because I don't have all of the pictures (I'm going to take crummy camera-phone pictures of everything from my day-to-day life), but next time, hopefully.


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