Saturday, September 20, 2008

Drawing is Mucho Difficult

I am the worst drawing photographer EVER. Gosh, look at those last two. How do I take a picture so that color doesn't go away and everything doesn't look grey?! Gwah. Well, I've been having a good time playing with different styles. I don't really like all of them--like, the one before last is a bit weird--but hey! Why not?!
Anyhow. Less than one month before I leave for California...! I need to make better drawings and FAST. I especially need to figure out what I'm doing with my sketchbook. Sometimes the sketchbook is the hardest part. It's so weird... I carry two sketchbooks with me: one pocket-sized Moleskin and one large Canson multi-colored one. The Moleskin is what I call my "vomit sketchbook", basically when I'm stressed I just scribble wildly and senselessly into it, while the Canson is my "portfolio sketchbook"....the Moleskin has just a few more pages to go before it's entirely full, while the Canson is just barely begun. This is sad. But at least I'm having an awesome time!!