Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This is a sketch of a Mr. Electron and Ms. Positron. Technically speaking, if a positron and an electron were to ever actually come into contact, they would annihalate eachother and form a pair of gamma rays. But we'll just pretend that they can be a little lovey-dovey before that happens :D
I did this with the fingerpaints, too, but I didn't actually fingerpaint it. I also did this during my Koffee House experience :D :D Wow, I love that place now!

Oh oh oh. I'm going to National Portfolio Day at CalArts on the 19th of October! I'll be there in Valencia from Friday the 17th until Monday the 20th! I'm trying to convince some harder-to-access people to come attend :D In other news, school is burdensome to my personal life, but I will attempt to update, if not every day, then every few days with a taste of what I'm up to.
Today, the Koffee House at my school reopened. The place was entirely redesigned, refurnished, and rejuvinated. It was reeeeally impressive...they even touched up the rec room, so I hung out to play some pool with a friend of mine.
I should sooo be studying right now...

A friend of mine from school, done while we were hanging out in the Koffee House. There were a bunch of us there, hanging out. My friend, Jillian, started playing with my water colours as I was fidgiting with the finger paints. And then Whalled (I dunno how to spell his name, pictured above), Amar, Chris, Vivian and Jonathan arrived and well. The gang's all here and the like.


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