Monday, September 1, 2008

Finger Painting!

So here are two little paintings in my sketchbook that I did with my trusty finger and some Crayola paints. The top one is Ms. Positron and the bottom one is Mr. Electron (I promise I'll come up with names for them eventually). Oh, oh, oh! This is one of the sketchbooks I bought at the CalArts student store...It has all of these multi-coloured pages and is quite awesome.
I did cheat a little bit on the top painting...I used a bit of white-out (TIPEX!) to do some extra highlights and her lips and pupils were actually done with crayon, haha.


  1. You're characters are looking nice. The electron just seems like a zeeky incredible.

    If you have 6 or so years to throw around, maybe you could animate the entire thing in fingerpaints, just like Aleksandr and Dmitri Petrov. Just a thought.

  2. Making a finger painted film sounds incredibly fun, though I'd have to wonder if I have or will ever have anywhere near the patience for it. Though it would be fun to play with that for some stuff *plots*

    And thank you very much, sir. Glad you liked 'em.