Friday, September 12, 2008

I Draw During Class

Chemistry Lecture

Chemistry Lab Recitation

Waiting to be picked up after school.

Chemistry Lecture (the guy all the way to the right is my friend)

French Class

I've been trying to do "scenic drawings", ha. They're blowing my So much to think about at once, I can hardly get them to make sense. And don't let me fool you--these look nothing like the scenes I try to sketch. Wow. It's so hard, I love it--because it's so fun at the same time.
In other news...nothing. School goes on and on and on, and I continue work on my portfolio. It's somewhat scary, because I feel like I've forgotten how to draw or something...! Perhaps I'm just stressing out too much. Yes, that's definately it...
I'm planning something special for my next post. ;)


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