Saturday, September 27, 2008


White-out and finger paints, boo-yah! I cheated a smidgen, though, and did an under-sketch with graphite first. Either way, really fun. Our model today was very beautiful. White-out is painful to draw with, though, especially since you have to squeeze the thing and the same time that you press down on the page...This was from my lab recitation. It's surprising...there are no assigned seats yet everyone sits in the same seats and assumes the same positions every week (and I'm no exception to the rule).
My lab (both recitation and experimental) professor is a very funny individual. She sometimes personifies the equipment we're using and this time she was talking about calorimeters...they're idiosyncratic, if you will...Poor beat-up styrofoam cup calorimeters.

I was an hour late for figure drawing today because I overslept! My alarm clock rang three times and each time I slapped it off and turned over...yeesh. I woke up at 10.30 am and freaked dressed really quickly and grabbed brekfast as I ran out the door. I was tired. This week took some bit of a toll on me, haha. But at least my English teacher really enjoyed that project I made for her. She told me she'd miss me once I left, my "energy + mind," and that's really special. So I'm very glad.
Plus, my Experimental Animation Club is finally getting it's feet off the ground. I'm going to try to have our first meeting this Thursday or next Wenesday, because I want to put together a presentation. I'm thinking for our inagural meeting I'll present something on the history of animation, and screen some of the shorts I saw while at CSSSA, along with some of the stuff I've found since then. Really, I have no idea how to manage this club, so I'm going to do a lot of the stuff I was doing and was taught while at CSSSA.
Portfolio time is almost upon us, especially for the October National Portfolio Day at CalArts. I've decided that instead of submitting a sketchbook I'm going to submit a book of 'sketchbook excerpts' taken from all of the sketchbooks I've filled between July and porfolio submission time. I'll complile the drawings and have Kinko's (or is it Kinkos?) bind them together... Plus, I need to figure out how to present the drawings I do have in my porfolio. It's so funny how picking out the drawings is easier than putting them in order...
I'm really looking forward to Portfolio Day, though, for a reason other than portfolios. I can't wait to see my friends again! Hi Bravo and Brittany and Amber and Monica and Sophie (the five people I know for sure are going to 'folio day), and hopefully everyone else!!


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