Friday, September 12, 2008

Requested White

More brush pen. Our model had a long neck.

I found a peice of vine charcoal lying on one of the drawing horses and then just used some crayons I had.

Brush pen, mmmm.

I really, really liked this drawing...and then I tried to colour it ><>

My friend requested that I post some stuff from my sketchbook, so I'm putting up the stuff I did just now, tonight :D I'll probably update this tomorrow with figure drawings.
Alright, it's tomorrow. Here are the figure drawings I did today. I really need to be more careful with colour--it can really make the difference. Bad colour can ruin a good drawing


  1. oh man that last picture is so cool! white rocks. keep postingg

  2. Those are awesome sketches out of your sketchbook especially that last one. The squash of the face rocks!