Monday, September 15, 2008



I had a school assignment. Really, it consisted of 15 drawings all in this same style, but I only had enough time to scan these four :( When I get the rest of them I'd like to put them up--it was an incredibly fun assignment, even if I stayed up all night working on it.
The assignment basically required that we choose 15 'tone words', define them, find a quote from some book or poem that encompasses it, explain how said quote applies to the word, and find a picture to correspond to it. Instead of searching for pictures online...I just made my own! Very fun.
It was also challenging. I found that I failed on describing most of the tones that I'd chosen in my images, whether because I was pressed for time and didn't plan them, or because I didn't think as I was drawing. Either way, it would be a fun excersise to elaborate upon and I'll totally be doing it again :D

Next time I would like to try thinking in terms of compositions which convey moods. I didn't attempt to do anything with compositions here....

They were all done with my brush pen. And haha, Rueful's chair has no legs XD


  1. ahaha, I thought Rueful was holding a tambourine