Saturday, September 6, 2008

Urk, September!

A picture from my first day at CSSSA, checking out my dorm. I'm in a closet.

I went to figure drawing today and I drew! I decided I wanted to play around with some stuff from Steve's class a lot more, so most of the stuff I did was continuous contour. The funny thing about continuous contour is that sometimes I forget and lift my pen anyhow *shrugs* so none of these are really strictly continuous. Hehe, December keeps drawing closer and's somewhat scary.

It took me more than two hours to get all of these images together! My computer was being frustratingly slooooow.
Sorry for the bad photo quality on these two. Try clicking to enlarge them. They look better that way. Brush pen pen pen pen with some crayon (again, sorry for the bad photo quality).
I wonder if my CSSSA friends remember modeling for animation. Vincent and Bravo were my victims who I tortured mercilessly: Bravo by making him do about 100 poses, and Vincent...well, he did some physically impossible stuff.
This, however, is neither Vince nor Bravo. This is actually Vinvo, a genetic compilation of the two. Or something like that...
I used my brush pen on this one again!
These two were done from photographs in an anatomy textbook I have.


  1. I remember you style from life drawing classes. You have a very personal line to your art. Awesome!

  2. Vinvo.


    God knows what other freakish genetic experiments go through your mind.