Saturday, November 8, 2008

Just Drawings and/or Desserts

This looks nothing like him! Oh well. We can pretend. This drawing didn't get the feeling I was going for, though. It must be because of the lack of eye contact, although that was intentional...
So one day I was out and about but I forgot to take paper or my sketchbook. I really wanted to draw so I snatched out one of my large erasers and...well, this is the Columbus courtyard.
That scene from Grendel when Grendel watches this young king get ambushed and what-have-you.
There's this really fun stuff called Fluoro Double-Print Wash Color that my dad has had since he was my age. It has a special solvent you're supposed to use in order to dilute it for doing washes, but I don't have that so I use water. Using it with water is really cool because it reacts in an interesting fashion with the wash and turns it all sorts of strange shades; where it's originally brown it becomes purple and yellow and all sorts of fun stuff.
I should be paying attention in my classes, but I don't.
She's two pages long.Finger paint one-minute gestures.These last two were done using a cool method where one draws on the paper first with water and then goes drips ink onto the paths made by the water. The ink will follow the water trails around and whathaveyou. On the second one, before putting the water I did a quick sketch in white chalk to create some resistance.


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