Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Check out My Portfolio!

I copied and pasted this message from Animated Buzz, for I feel it accurately conveys my situation at the moment (hah, melodrama):
So I finally got my act together and got this thing online. I would greatly appreciate a few critiques as to what should be removed OR if anything should be rearranged, since everything is being presented here in the order it appears in my actual portfolio. The last four images--titled 'UNSURE'--are the ones I don't know should go in--they're seperate from the rest of the order.


  1. Great portfolio. Your contour is especially strong and bold. The only thing that didn't quite fit in was the orange and purple cutout of the man sitting down. Something with his face just seemed off. That one I might take out. As for those that you're unsure about, I'd certainly put in the guy with the long neck, he's great. Other than that, have a great time at CalArts!

  2. Really great portfolio! Lots of nice strong pieces---love the cutouts! :) Good luck!

  3. Forgot to add---I feel like the unsure ones are not needed. The pieces you've added already are enough and the unsure pieces sometimes don't seem as strong.