Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Should be Studying...

...but I am taking a quick break.
Here is a picture of my Animation Club, THE School for Advanced Studies Animation Club! I am the one in the long grey-black striped thing, and beside me stands my lovely vice-president, Shannan (green shirt). To my right is Ms. Katrin, in the orange, our treasurer. Ms. Beam, the lady in black, is our club sponsor. Jillian and Alberto, the remaining two, are our regular members :D This is our picture for the year book, since, being a LEGITIMATE club, we have a spot in the year book! Woo hoo. We have since added two to our number.
It is growing. Muahaha.
And this is a cut out I did. While not as interesting as the above photo, I think you might enjoy it anyhow.


  1. And soon, you will be able to take over the world!

    Nice cut out, too.