Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Image-Intensive Post

This is a drawing I did during my math was in pencil but I decided to test my BRAND NEW PENTEL BRUSH PEN on it. Oh, yum.
From figure drawing last night. This was a very interesting and yet difficult pose to draw. I decided I just wanted to do a pencil drawing of it...and it took me an entire half hour.
Finger painting two weeks ago.
A drawing from LAST Tuesday :) This was the only good one I got out of that week.
Another pencil drawing, from the Saturday before last.
This is another study of the same pose that was done in pencil up above. More brush pen.
All of the animal drawings here were done at the zoo the Sunday before last.
This was drawn during the recruitment meeting for SAS...I was going to be a speaker at the presentation, so while I was sitting waiting for my turn to talk I decided to draw.
This actually looks like the person I was trying to draw!
My cousin :)

Thanksgiving at a friend's house.
These two were drawings done with my left hand...the watercolor was also done with my left hand. During history.

So yes, this is a very image-intensive post. I decided it was time for me to update this blog with some actual drawings. I was WAY too lazy to scan the images, though, so I just took pictures of most of them. Falalalala, enjoy, my dears!


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