Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This is How I Make ZE Cutouts

That's how I make my cutout things! I draw them on the sheet in pencil and then I cut them out and flip them over. It's quite cheater-esque. Maybe one day I will be able to produce freehand cutouts... The above copy of the green pose that you see below was the initial cutout for the pose...I tried to do something interesting on it (see those cuts all over the body?), but it didn't work.
It's really silly for me to try to do cutouts for EVERY POSE EVER, since not all of them have a usable silhouette, as you can see.
I tried to remedy the unsuitability of the silhouette on this one with the use of black ink. The only BIG problem is that her abdomen looks absurrd.
It somewhat reminds me of the artwork in V for Vendetta...eh.


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