Thursday, January 22, 2009


THIS DRAWING IS COMPLETELY AND UNABASHEDLY INACCURATE! Today's lab was SO fun. Well, in a childish sort of way. See, what we were doing was using a switch-activated electromagnet, some metal balls, and a pressure-sensitive board with a timer attached to measure the time it takes for a ball to fall from a certain height to the ground. You activate the electromagnet, stick the ball to it, push a button on the timer, press the button, and the ball falls, hits the board, and the timer registers the time between the electromagnet switching off and the impact. The best, absolutely best part...was pushing the button. See, I was the button-pusher. THE BUTTON PUSHER! This button was AMAZING! It was bright green, circular, and mounted on a sort of handle that you can wrap your hand around in order position your thumb nicely over the button. And oh, when you pressed would make a CLICKING sound and then BEEP. Magnificent. I just had so much fun pushing that button. It was delightful.

We were loading the cameras during the last film class. SUPER FUN! I enjoyed...loading the camera. A lot. We split up into groups of 6 and each took turns loading the after I went I decided to sit back and sketch the other girls taking a whack at it. This girl was grinning so much because she knew I was drawing her.
These were two of the other girls in our group. I tried coloring them, but I couldn't get the saturation or whatever on my scanner to pick of the colors too well. Do they look a bit blue?
The last girl in our group was having a real tough time opening the magazine...


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