Saturday, February 14, 2009

March Needs to Come Faster

My Engineering project :D Which is currently driving me mad.
It's supposed to be a ferrofluid audio visualizer. If you don't know what ferrofluid is, it's possibly the coolest substance ever in the world, and I've been wanting for more than two years a good excuse to play with it.
So you can, of course, imagine my surprise and wonderful joy when my engineering professor announced this huge do-what-you-will-(or-build-a-bridge-made-of-spaghetti) project! The first thing that occurred to me was, naturally, the shame I'd die of if the best I could come up with was a bridge made of spaghetti. Then I thought, WOAH ENGINEERING PROJECT= EXCUSE TO SPEND MONEY TO MIX FERROFLUID AND HAVE IT BE FOR SOMETHING TOTALLY LEGITIMATE OTHER THAN MY WEIRD WHIMS!
Anyhow, I somehow thought it would be fairly easy to make a visualizer that uses ferrofluid to create cool effects to coordinate to music. It's not easy. Because of waves and the thingie and analog something-or-some-other and the Cmoy with 5000 parts (or four), and variable resistors not doing what I want them to. And waves. Which I already said, but seriously, something about them doesn't want this to work.
Irregardless, it shall certainly be incredibly fun to experiment! :D Imagine the learning potential this project contains! I mean, I'm seriously going to have to dig deep to make it work. I'm going to learn so much and I get to play with electricity and motors and little screws and FERROFLUID! I couldn't possibly be more excited about a school project!

PS: I saw Coraline. Go see it. Do it. You know you want to. I could write pages about it, but it would be so much easier if you just got on and went to see it yourself. And you won't regret it, either. I promise.

Anyhow, it's been quite awhile since my last post. I feel the need to post some sketches, seeing as it seems I won't be finishing anything big anytime soon (as usual):
Other Mother and Coraline. This one I drew while I was at the dentist waiting for my mum to have her tooth hollowed or something to that mildly-extremely-painful-sounding extent. It was, however, based off of a thumbnail sketch on the back of a worksheet from my film class during Calculus!

This, too, was sketched while waiting for my mum to finish up at the dentist. 3500 miles is cruel sometimes.

Sometimes I doodle during church. Rarely, however, do my doodles become this intricate. (And in pen, too!)

Coraline herself walking into the corridor that leads to the Other World. These few Coraline drawings were inspired in large part by the illustration work of Dave McKean, who illustrated both Coraline and MirrorMask...and a bunch of other stuff :D
I drew this one during calculus!

Coraline and Mr. Bobo :D And his musical rat circus. This is, of course, Other Mr. Bobo (in the book he's Mr. Bobo, as opposed to Mr. Name-I-Can't-Spell)
(Calculus again!)

Valentine, from MirrorMask--because I loved that book oodles!
This one was done...during History, I believe.

Calculus, and most definitely inspired by Coraline...the book, though (seeing as this is not the movie's Coraline; for some reason, I thought Coraline had short hair when I saw Dave McKean's cover...but then near the end of the book I saw another obscenely gorgeous illustration and realized she had long hair. Oh well.)

And this...I post because I like both girls and dresses. That is, I am a girl and I like wearing dresses.
American History


  1. I love your sketches Sammy Jo! Any of your drawings... I can totally tell they're yours. You have such a characteristic line to your drawings.

  2. Your Coraline drawings are incredible! You really blew me away with those (and all the others). I'm a huge fan of the book, and these fit in so perfectly. That one of!!
    Also, horray for drawing in class! :D

  3. Thank you so much, you guys! It means plenty to hear that both of you like my stuff. :) The way I draw now has been so heavily influenced by plenty of people, but the Dave McKean influence is what you're seeing here most.