Friday, April 17, 2009


This is the progress thus far on my cmoy amplifier. I plugged it in for a test (hence the paperclips, which are supposed to act as makeshift alligator clips--as so cleverly devised by my dad)--and it WORKS! worked--then I moved it sort-of oddly and one of those blue wires came un-welded. So I have to weld that bit again, add the "potentiometer" (potentiometer is such a fancy-sounding word; I wish I could just randomly insert it into conversations--"Gee whiz, that's a mighty-beautiful-potentiometeric-necklace you're wearing, Kimmy..."--it's just something used to control electrical devices; for example, the volume control on a radio) and the "in and out jacks". More welding...My, my, if you could see the bottom of that board, burnt brown with all of my failed attempts at proper welding, it would surely give you a laugh.
(PS: You can click on any of the hyperlink words to find out more.)

Anyhow, I haven't been making much artwork, and have also been horribly neglecting this blog. Both things are bad. If it's any comfort, however, I do frequently doodle during class. These are mindless doodles, really...but, what the hey, why not post a few! Not all of these are from class, though--they are all, however, still doodles.
(PS: You can click on any of these to see them larger, just is case some of them seem weirdly cluttered or blurred by the preview)


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