Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Finished!

It works beautifully, too! Wow, I really didn't think that this little amplifier would be able to pack such a punch, but it can really push!
Unfortunately, I'm not too bright. The schematic I was working off of was meant to produce an amplifier roughly the size of an Altoid can...I know it sounds weird, but the can pictured above is quite smaller than that. So it doesn't fit perfectly, awhggg!
Eh, OH WELL. I'm sure I could try to rearrange some stuff and make it fit, but for now it's literally out of my hands...I shall do that later. And then I'll use it! For something!
When I hooked it up to the bit which was meant to produce the visualizations in the ferrofluid (not pictured here because it's boring-looking and I took it apart), it did not work. At first I figured it was because my thinking was incorrect and that my attempts to power the electromagnets using the signals output from that little amplifier wouldn't work because they wern't the same kind of signal--or something to that effect...BUT I WAS WRONG. I was wrong in thinking I was wrong. The original ideation was the right way to go--I just wasn't using enough juice or a large enough electromagnet. So I'm going to try and fix it after APs and install a DC plug and make (or buy) some huuuuuuuuuuuuge electromagnets.
And ferrofluid is BEAUUUUUUTIFUL! Oh dear, oh dear. I was FINALLY playing with it this morning before heading out to school. I poured JUST A SMIDGE into a tiny plastic cup and ran the magnets around underneath it, chasing the liquid around, watching it spike up in protest...ahh...wow...I don't want to waste this stuff; it's precious.


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