Monday, May 4, 2009

I Have Friends!

I can prove it, too!It's currently AP week at my school, which means every day of the week brings with it two hours and forty minutes of leisure time. Being the ever-so responsible student that I am, I, of course, take advantage of this time to doodle and goof off. Here are some sketches of my friends!
Tomorrow I have a seven-hour-long AP Calc review...expect more drawings...
Hanging out on the stairs, which I did not draw (wow)...they all sort-of look the same. UH. Oops.
During the two-hour after-school AP Calc review...uhg, so boring. I would tell you her name, but I can't spell it to save my life...oh dear.

Here's our school!


  1. These are amazing Sammi Jo!!! Its nice to see some awesome sketches!! =]