Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sketches Galore!

On Friday my school arranged a luncheon to celebrate the Top Ten/National Merit/National Hispanic Scholar students. The luncheon was held at a churrascaria named 'Fuegovivo', which is one of those deals where they come around with huge slabs of rare meat on gigantic skewers, and saw off bloody chunks just for you. Very meaty. I got a chunk of meat for myself and tried to act all barbaric, but the matter of the fact is that I don't really like meat all that much.
However, I definately like it plenty more than poor Anabel, pictured above, the only vegetarian of us all forced to suffer through the meat parade.

Physics. This will see an incarnation as a cleaner illustration--one of a series--which will look nothing like this.

Sketches of a girl from American History class. She was giving a presentation!

This is someone else, from the same class as the above girl.

A dude from my film class taking some notes.

A girl that I sketched from a video we were watching in American History.


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