Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Glimpses from the New York Mission Trip

(Note: I dislike writing long and detailed enteries, so I will just keep this post limited to details relating to or explaining the drawings I post :) )
This is the church we stayed at, named the First Evangelical Free Church. Off to the very left side, if you kept walking, you would see a door labelled 'CSM--Center for Student Missions'. If you opened this door (you needed a code), it would lead to a flight of stairs which extended both upward and downward. Our living quarters (i.e.: large rooms in which to unroll our sleeping bags) were downward, in the basement, as were the kitchen, common room, and showers.
If you took the flight of stairs which led upward, however, you would find a hallway. Off to the left would be a door which opened to the gym area. This was also where we had all of our orientations/meetings.

I liked the way this girl was sitting.

Most nights we ate at different ethnic restaurants. For example, Sunday, the day we arrived, was Dominican, Monday was Indian, and Tuesday was Polish.
Wenesday we had an activity titled 'Immersion', so we had no ethnic food (basically, they gathered a small group of us and sent us to a part of town named Chelsea with ten dollars to feed six people and complete several other activities. We were then find our way back home sans subway directions...An important part of this was figuring out group dynamics...hu'wee...).
Thursday and Friday were free, unplanned nights, so the group figured out what we wanted to do. We ate Italian both nights.

Anyway, though, the Polish and Indian food was DELICIOUS. These two food-themed sketches are from the night we had Indian food.

Anyone who knows me knows I would be one to get an enormous kick out of the subway. I LOVE the subway! By the end of the trip I was pretty darned good at figuring out routes and such...

I saw this lady at Subway the Sunday we arrived who had a fishy air about her.

(PS: This is the organization we went over through: Center for Student Missions)


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