Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Screwdriver Shopping

"Hey, we should do that sometime!"

For the past while I've been cranking out non-stop studies and the like (that is, when I draw. I've had a wonderfully busy summer thus far, full to the brim with friends and adventures and the two combined, which is always the best). Studies, however, aren't much for the blog, so I haven't been posting much as of late.

Actually, I now have Photoshop on my computer! This is a novelty. Look at this! I can make lines of varied weight--just by pressing harder on the screen! That's pretty fun! I did that sketch above using a thicker brush just to see this effect. Next time I'm going to try using weight to my advantage. I've seriously never considered the idea of line weight in respect to doing a polished drawing before--maybe just because I take it for granted and as such a given when I see line work in illustration. (Or maybe because I never actually do clean line work?)

(And here was where I wrote a long bit about the aesthetic beauty of screwdrivers and other simple tools, but I deleted that ;))


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