Thursday, July 30, 2009

Unplanned Papercuts!

Earlier this morning I was perusing the work of a fellow named Thomas Allen (, and it was so lovely that it made me feel like doing something myself. So, without hesitation, I grabbed my sketchbook and x-acto knife and started scribbling and hacking away. It's so much fun! I think I shall do more later.
What would you call a cut-out sketch? A scratch, perhaps?


  1. We'll be seeing more of this when you're at CalArts, yes? ;]

  2. Yeah this is good practice for one of your most grueling Hobaica assignments this semester!! Looks cool!

  3. lol!!'
    Amelia, I was thinking the same thing!

    Those look awesome.

    You're gonna rock that hobaica assingment. Hes gonna like you even more if you make something out of th eblack cut outs. :D

    Amazing. YOu go!

  4. This look genius!
    I love the way the light hits different parts of the paper. You rock Sam!!

  5. @_@ Those look so neat. I love how you folded the arms to show .. bent arms. So cool :D