Thursday, December 31, 2009

Test 1

What it will probably look like.

What I hope to be able to make it look like (with the positron--who's not in this image--in blue).

What I wish it could look like (the positron would be blue and wear green).

These were actually part of a two-part, quick test, to see if I could make the outline of the character work well and easily enough. I made the background and the character separately, then scanned them both in. The ever-trusty Red Line Prep was run on the drawing, on which I had done the extra outline. Then both were taken into After Effects and layered as one would layer animation. The original image was actually much larger, and the photon originally overlapped the election, so I created a subtracting mask on the layer of the electron and conformed it to the shape of the photon. I think the easier way to do this would be to have two background layers--one on top and one on bottom, with the photon on top and the rest of the background subtract-masked off, that way everything else could just show through. That way the mask wouldn't have to be animated for each frame. Or I could just cut the photon out in Photoshop and slap it on top--either way. Dunno what I was thinking; that seems like a duh thing in retrospect.

What I really want to figure out is how to make the white outline separate from the rest of the thing so I can just run the prep to fill the figure yellow or whatever, but leave the outline white. The only way I can think to do this is to have the outline and the character be separate layers, but that would take more paper and is MUCH more time-consuming than what I just did! Or is it? The way I did it here, was I just pen-tooled the color in by outlining the figure again. What do you think? I could just pen-tool the outline in right in Photoshop...that's probably the easiest way, no?

There'll be more tests on the way to see how the blue of the positron looks with the yellow of the electron, and I might play with making the background more interesting than just that flat black. Also, I need to figure out the drawing style for the thing...should I animate it in this style, you think--the same sort of style as the animation I posted a week or two ago?

(Forgive me if this makes no sense/is written in an awfully confusing fashion)


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