Thursday, December 31, 2009

Test 2

I don't know how successful this test was. I'm thinking this amount of detail in the coloring on the first image is probably too much to even dream of trying (the blur effect was just added for fun; it's not actually a part of the final idea). The second one might work. Also, I should probably plan these tests better...but just diving straight in is so fun!

Anyhow, three layers: background, positron and electron--in that order. Ethan Metzger gave me a VERY useful peice of advice on how to make the white outlines work--layer effects! Outer glow! I fiddled with it and figure that something around 10px, precise, 100% opacity will work the best--though from the looks of this, I should calculate to make the outlines thicker for when one of the two is in the foreground (probably too time consuming, so I might not bother).

I tried making the background a smidge more interesting by, instead of having both the ground and sky be a stark black, having the ground be a dark grey...however, I think I liked the full-black plenty more. Eh. I'll keep playing with it.

Overall, though this wasn't the most successful test, I still got stuff outta it! Boo-yah. Now I'm going to try fiddling around in AfterEffects to see if I can cook up something interesting for the projection bit, and I'll probably do more tests like these, too.

Peace out, 2009!


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