Monday, January 25, 2010

Couple Doodles!

Dumb legs. Tried to test this sketchbook with watercolor. 

I played some Dungeons and Dragons again last night! Vincent, John, some other kids, and I joined together at Mom's Cafe for an enjoyable evening, which John DM'ed. One of my fellow players brought his girlfriend along, and they were so wrapped up in each other that I couldn't resist a few sketches :3
I kept being chastised by John for having my sketchbook out during the game, though.
(For the record, I played a Razorclaw Shifter Avenger named Poppy Black)

In other news, my stomach is reeeeally unhappy today. It's tough to concentrate on anything when it feels like a hot iron is being shoved through my gut :(

Additionally, Bravo sent me a bunch of pictures and videos from CSSSA '08. Here's one of the ones I found in the bunch :3 Things have hardly changed, huh?


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