Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This is where I do my work! My half of #8 on Keane. I keep a lot of lights in my cubical--somewhere around ten--all hooked up with those fancy CFL bulbs so I don't feel so bad about stadium-lighting a ten-by-ten space.

I clip the thumbs of the scene I'm working on up beside my disk, to refer to, and tape the first frame of the shot I'm working on directly beside my disk for size reference (helps me to not end up with ridiculous morphings while animating). I taped a little tray made out of foily duct tape to one corner (thanks Rika!) for placing pencils and erasers, and the occasional discarded frame. 
Right now I'm just roughing out my animation, which is why it's all drawn in col-erase and very ugly. 

Finally, here's my shot list. A few days ago I was feeling overwhelmed about my workload, so to calm myself down I took Vincent's advice and threw one of these together. It basically just lists the shots in order, with their length in seconds directly beside. The three rows of boxes are to be checked in as I finish each step. The sheet which is beneath this one basically describes each shot in words, so I don't have to scramble through my pages of thumbs when I refer to it. 

Anyhow! Back to work! Maybe I'll post some figure drawings tomorrow, yeess. It feels like it's been awhile.


  1. organization is the key to calming yourself down when you're overwhelmed.
    that being said, my shot list would make you cry. (it makes me cry.)