Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Silly 'Comics'

The other day, while working at around 3AM, I began to feel somewhat stressed out. To relax myself, I took a quick break and doodled for a while. I had just been reading the 24-Hour Comics posted on Awkward Zombie, so I felt like scribbling a few of my own (although the second one is obviously a little exaggerated, hehe). By the time I'd finished sketching them out, I felt better and got back to work! I think I might actually like to try doing little journal comics with greater frequency; they're a good way to relax while still drawing and thinking about staging, etc. 

FUN STUFF. The first one reads down by column, while the second one reads across by row. Left-to-right. Also, they can be clicked on to be made larger. 

Oh! And 'happy 3rd birthday' to my blog in a handful of hours (March 31st, 2007).


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